I work primarily in metaphysics and philosophy of science as a PhD Candidate at Central European University (CEU) under the supervision of Ferenc Huoranszki. My dissertation focuses on the relationship between time and perception, and I’m defending an ontologically dynamic view of time and change. I also have an increasing interest in philosophy of mind and especially philosophy of perception.

Prior to working on the PhD at CEU, I studied philosophy at Colorado State University, where I earned my MA in 2018. Back then, I defended a rational reconstruction of Charles Sanders Peirce’s evolutionary cosmology, wherein I tried to square Peirce’s claims about the law of large numbers in statistical physics with his claims about the laws of nature taking on “habits” and evolving to be what we observe through instrumentation. You can find a copy of my MA thesis on my page.

Peirce is still an influence on me today, and in an important sense, his ideas inform my own views on philosophy of time and the nature of the laws of nature.

Some areas of interest, in (quasi) order of competence:

  • Metaphysics: time, laws of nature, dispositions, modality, persistence, material constitution, mereology
  • Philosophy of Mind: philosophy of perception, artificial intelligence, temporal experience
  • Philosophy of Science: scientific explanation, ontic structural realism, special relativity, quantum mechanics
  • Logic: model theory, non-classical & non-monotonic logic, quantified argument calculus (Quarc), modal logic
  • History of Philosophy: C.S. Peirce, Spinoza
  • Buddhism: Madhyamaka (esp. Prasangika) (non-)theories of self & reality, Nagarjuna, Shantideva

The above areas are loosely ordered. I have much more experience in metaphysics than anything else. Philosophy of mind wins out over logic only because I have never felt fully competent with logic (generally learning it and deploying it as needed), but I have taken considerably more logic classes than phil mind classes. Arguably, HoP should be near the top of the list, due to my research on Peirce, but my expertise is too narrow to warrant placing HoP any higher up. I have a deep and abiding interest in Buddhism, and I think more philosophers should pay attention to what Buddhist thinkers have to say, since many debates in current metaphysics (e.g. trope theory, various theories of perception, time, etc.) have been preempted by Buddhist thinkers, in different terms, long ago. However, I sadly neither have the requisite translation skills nor the temperament for doing comparative history of philosophy that I feel would be required to do justice to that area of research. Perhaps someday I will. (For information on someone who I think definitely does have such skills, see Jan Westerhoff’s work.)

Here’s my CV.